A Bariatric Care Doctor Can Help You Gain Control Of Your Weight And Health

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If you're carrying a lot of extra weight, and you're having health complications because of it, consider seeking help from a bariatric care physician. Obesity is determined by your body mass index. There are different classes of obesity, and as you rise on the BMI scale, your risk of health problems escalates.

Even if you're not suffering from health problems yet, you might do so eventually if you don't get help to lose weight. Here are some things a bariatric care physician might do for you.

Send You To A Therapist

If you overeat for psychological reasons, a therapist might be able to help. Sometimes people overeat to deal with trauma, depression, or other mental health issues. By identifying the things that cause you to overeat, you can learn to deal with the triggers in other ways.

If you eat due to food addiction, you may need addiction treatments, counseling, and lifestyle adjustments. Whatever the reason for your poor diet and excess food consumption, a therapist might be able to help you develop a healthy eating pattern.

Qualify You For Bariatric Medical Equipment

If your weight hinders your ability to get around, you may need a bariatric wheelchair, shower chair, and other equipment made for large individuals so you can continue your activities of daily life in a safe manner rather than having to stay in bed all day.

A bariatric care physician knows what equipment could benefit you and prescribe them so your insurance might help cover the costs.

Help You Lose Weight

A bariatric physician will probably have a goal to help you lose weight so you reduce your risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. Plus, losing weight could help your joints, and exercise could increase your muscle mass.

Your physician might prescribe weight loss pills, medications for insulin resistance, or other medications that could assist with weight loss, appetite control, or even anxiety management.

Your doctor might even talk about bariatric surgery. There are a few types of weight loss surgery to consider, and these can often help you lose weight fast so you see results and get motivated to exercise and eat right.

Your doctor has to qualify you for surgery so your insurance will pay for it. The process may also include nutrition counseling so you keep the weight off rather than fall back to your old habits and gain the weight back.

A bariatric care doctor is familiar with all the problems you face because of your excess weight. You don't have to feel embarrassed about getting medical care for a condition you can't control by yourself.

A lot of factors go into becoming overweight, and weight loss isn't always about willpower when your metabolism has gone off track. With the help of an experienced bariatric doctor, you may finally be able to lose weight and improve your health.

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7 December 2022

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