What Your Doctor Wants You To Do Before Pregnancy

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Planning for pregnancy can be a difficult task. You want to make sure that your body is healthy and that you are doing everything possible to care for a baby to grow. If you are thinking about becoming pregnant in the future, you may have some steps you want to take.

Start Paying Attention to Diet

Your doctor will likely tell you that it is time to start paying attention to what you are eating if you are thinking about having a baby in the future. You should be eating with the intention of gaining energy and maintaining strength for your baby as he or she grows. Your doctor may even recommend specific servings of different types of food.

Ask Your Doctor About Supplements

Next, you will want to pay close attention to the vitamins and supplements your body may need. Growing a child inside your body is a lot of work, and your body will need additional nutrients. Your doctor may recommend that you start taking folic acid and a multivitamin each day as part of your preparations.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle is going to help you prepare for growing a child. You'll want to exercise daily in preparation for your pregnancy, and your doctor will also help you plan the things you can do to stay active during your pregnancy itself. Even walking or swimming each day will help you build strength and maintain fitness.

Drop Bad Habits

If you plan to have a baby in the future, now is also a good time to start talking about things you should stop doing. For example, you can talk to a woman's health provider about smoking cessation steps you should start taking. You should also talk to your doctor about easing off on alcohol up to conception. If you have questions about the right way to do this, a provider can help.

Visit a Woman's Health Provider

Finally, you will want to make sure that you are taking all the necessary steps to care for your body the way it is. For example, you should talk to your doctor about vaccines and other health treatments that will keep you healthy during your pregnancy and immediately afterward.

If you do not have a health provider you can talk to about your plans for pregnancy, now is a good time to begin making the necessary appointments. Visit a clinic that offers woman health services to learn more about your options as a woman. 


18 May 2022

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