4 Important Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hearing Aids

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Your hearing aids help you navigate through life and allow you to access the world around you. That is why it is essential to know how to take proper care of your hearing aids so that they can assist you in your life.  

Change the Batteries Regularly 

You don't want to wait for the battery to die before changing it with new hearing aid batteries. Moisture can get trapped in the battery compartment. That is why you will want to open up the battery door on your hearing aids regularly and allow this area to dry out. This will prevent the battery from developing corrosion and from damaging your device.  

You can clean the battery contacts by wiping them down with a dry cotton swab. You need a strong battery to enjoy good performance from your hearing aids.  

Remove Earwax 

Your hearing aid is bound to encounter earwax as it goes into your ear. Your hearing aid should have a wax filter or guard on it. This guard or filter is made to keep the earwax that is naturally created by your ear from building up and getting inside your hearing aid's internal components.  

It is essential to clean this filter or guard regularly. As soon as you see that wax is starting to build up, you will want to clean the filter. Refer to your doctor or user manual for the correct manner to clean the filter on your particular device.  

Stay Away from Moisture 

You will want to protect your hearing aid from exposure to moisture. Most hearing aids are designed to be water-resistant, but that doesn't mean that they are waterproof. You should remove your hearing aids before you take a shower or bath. You shouldn't wear them when in the pool, hot tub, or spa.  

Your hearing aid contains lots of complex technology inside of a very tiny space. That technology is made to be durable; however, water can be really damaging to it. Just like you wouldn't drop your cell phone in the pool, you shouldn't submerge your hearing aids in water either.  

Get a Professional Cleaning 

Finally, you should get your hearing aids professionally cleaned a couple of times a year. A professional will deep clean your hearing aids and ensure that all the components are working correctly. They will do more than clean your hearing aids; they will also fix and repair any issues with them as well.  

When it comes to taking care of your hearing aids, be sure to change the batteries regularly, remove earwax from the filter, keep them away from moisture, and get them professionally cleaned regularly.  


14 January 2022

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