How Group Exercise Benefits Older Adults

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If you are an older adult trying to get back into exercising, check out group exercise classes. Group exercise classes offer a variety of benefits that could improve your health and well-being. If you are a social person, group exercise can have extra incentives. Here are some ways a group exercise class could benefit you, especially if you like being around people.

Group Exercise Offers Social Benefits

Many older adults feel isolated and lack social interaction. A structured activity, like group exercise, increases the chance of positive social interaction. You are already connected to the other people in the class by the common interest of good physical health. Social interaction also promotes good emotional and mental health.

Group Exercise Promote Accountability

When you exercise by yourself, there's no one there to notice if you skip a workout. When you miss a group exercise class, chances are someone will notice. Some programs offer accountability in other ways. For example, your class may require a reservation and impose a penalty if you don't show up.

Group Exercise Has More Variety

Many group exercise classes switch the workout around now and then to reduce boredom or teach a new skill. Some classes are progressive. You start slowly and easily and move up in skill. This can also further promote accountability because you may lose progress if you miss a workout.

Group Exercise Offers Help When Needed

Many older adults suffer falls and injuries when they try working after a long idle period. With a group exercise class, you can learn the proper ways to work out and avoid injuries. Another good thing about group exercise is there is safety in numbers. When you work out in a group, someone is more likely to help you if you fall.

Group Exercise Helps With Good Health

If you can stay motivated and attend your workouts, then your strength and flexibility will improve. Many programs offer focus areas to target your fitness level and problem area. A program specifically for older adults is more likely to target common problems for that age group.

Group exercise offers many benefits for those who are trying to get back into a routine. Plus, many older adults find these classes a great way to connect to their peers, neighbors, or community. If you enjoy your exercise, you are more likely to continue and gain health benefits. Ask your doctor, nurse, or physical therapist about how to get involved with a group exercise class that's right for you.


8 March 2021

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