Why Your Medical Practice Should Consider Investing In Smart IV Pumps

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If you run a medical practice where the utilization of IVs is standard practice for patients, then you'll need to invest in the right pumps. There are many to choose from, but smart IV pumps in particular are ideal. They come with so many advantages. 


Manual IV pumps are probably the more affordable option, but setting them up on a patient-to-patient basis can be quite time-consuming. In times of emergencies, you don't have seconds to spare with your IV setup. That's why smart IV pumps might be the best option—even if they cost more—because they offer auto-programming. 

You can thus customize settings for the various types of patients you see on a daily basis. Then when they need fluids or medication infused into their system, you can simply click on a pre-set option and begin infusing. Auto-programming helps simplify your IV operations. 

Simple Interface 

Even though these IV pumps are technologically advanced, they still have a simple interface. This is paramount in cutting the learning curve with your medical staff. It's perfectly okay if they've never used a smart IV pump before. The interface is quite easy to get accustomed to. 

All data displayed on the pump screen is organized and easy to scan. Going through different settings and programs is also user-friendly thanks to the convenient tabs displayed on the screen. If your staff does have problems at any point using these smart IV pumps, user manuals are included for quick troubleshooting. 

Barcode Scanning 

The last thing you need happening when using IV pumps is administering the wrong things to your patients. You can prevent this from ever happening when you invest in smart IV pumps. They come fully equipped with barcode scanning.

What this enables your staff to do is scan medical bracelets that are on your patients' wrists. Their medical information instantly transfers to the IV pump's screen. Having all of this information in plain sight prevents your staff from making costly and potentially life-threatening errors.

Once your staff knows what medication to administer, they can scan it into the pump's system to adjust the dosage parameters automatically. This ensures they receive the right amounts for whatever physical symptoms they're experiencing. 

IV infusion is such an important practice for many medical operations. If you're looking to have great success with your infusions, then be sure to invest in smart IV pumps. They'll revolutionize the way you care for patients over the years. 


3 December 2018

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