After Breast Reconstruction, Make Sure That Your Bra Offers These Attributes

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After you've been through breast cancer and a reconstruction of one of your breasts, you need to be sure that your post-surgery bras offer a high degree of comfort. You'll want to visit a retailer that specializes in garments for those who have gone through breast reconstruction so that you can buy the right bras, rather than continue wearing your current bras. Post-reconstruction bras are known for having a number of specific attributes that make them suitable to wear as your body recovers. You should always make sure that the garments you buy offer these things.


While some conventional bras are breathable, not all of them are. When you shop for a bra designed for women who have undergone breast reconstruction, you'll commonly find that these garments use breathable fabrics. This is important as you want the surgical scars on your body to not be trapped below non-breathable fabric. Access to air can help the scars heal more quickly. Additionally, the flow of air through the bra to your skin can help to keep the area cool and feeling refreshed. Non-breathable fabrics can promote irritation and may lead to itching or other forms of discomfort, which is the last thing you want to experience after surgery.

Comfortable Padding

It's a good idea to try on multiple bras before you select the one that you'll buy and wear after your surgery. The area around your reconstructed breast will understandably be tender for a long time after the procedure, so you want to be sure that your new bra doesn't irritate the area. Look for a post-surgery bra that not only has the right amount of padding for your body and breast types, but also is made of the softest material possible. While you might favor the look of lace, this material can be irritating. Look for something made of a softer material, such as bamboo or cotton.

Gentle Band

You should also assess the nature of the band that runs across the bottom of the bra. In some bras, this band can be tight to the point that it aggressively digs into your skin. This isn't the type of bra you want after breast reconstruction, however, as this area will be tender and not conducive to a high amount of pressure. Look for a bra that not only provides comfort of this nature, but that also has a band made of a gentle fabric that will not dig into your skin.


9 August 2017

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