Can You Admit These Things? If So, You'Re Ready To Get Help For Your Drug Addiction

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If you're struggling with drug addiction, your loved ones may be encouraging you to attend a treatment program. However, you'll generally have better success overcoming your addiction through treatment if you only seek help when you're ready — if you're merely trying to get clean to satisfy those around you, you may not have as much success. To assess whether you're ready to get help, it's useful to see if you can be honest about your addiction; many addicts are dishonest with themselves, indicating that they're not ready for treatment. If you can admit the following three things, you may be ready to take the next step towards substance abuse treatment

You're Powerless

Being able to admit that you're powerless over your addiction might be difficult, but it's an important thing to realize if you want to seek professional help. Being powerless comes in many forms. For example, perhaps you want to stop smoking marijuana, but as soon as the drug is produced at a party, you experience a strong compulsion to partake. Some addicts will tell themselves that they want to do so, but being able to honestly say that you're powerless to avoid the temptation can be a sign that you're ready to get clean by visiting a treatment facility.

You're Concerned About Your Health

Many addicts are in denial about the link between abusing drugs and their health. The simple fact is that drugs can harm your health in a variety of ways, including prompting you to engage in risky behavior that may have unintended and unhealthy consequences. If you can tell yourself honestly that you're concerned about the impact your drugs are having on your health, you're one step closer to being ready to enter a treatment facility and get clean.

You Admit That Unpleasant Consequences Are Imminent

Addicts who are in denial may tell themselves that their addiction isn't a problem. However, those who are more honest will admit that unpleasant consequences are likely in their future. For example, you may lose your family because of your drug addiction, you may be arrested and go to prison, or you may lose your job. Each of these scenarios can be highly disruptive to your life and can be directly tied to your inability to quit using drugs. However, if you can admit that you don't want to experience such negative things because of your addiction, you'll be closer to being ready for treatment.


9 May 2017

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I was always very healthy throughout my childhood, but when I became a teenager, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Thankfully, I had the support of my loving family to help keep me upbeat during a time that could have led to me experiencing the depression that some do after they first learn they will have an illness for life. I am very grateful for the advice I have gotten throughout my life, so I decided to create a blog where I can share all of the advice that has helped me live a happy, healthy life, despite having a chronic illness. Since I am on a medication that suppresses my immune system, I have also studied up on many other illnesses and tips for avoiding them and treating them. I plan to post health tips for people of a variety of ages and suffering with various illnesses!