How Related Ailments Are Relieved When You Receive Acupuncture For Depression

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Depression and anxiety are two top mental health disorders in the U.S. It is big business for pharmaceutical companies, as many of the drugs used to treat these disorders have unpleasant side effects which then require more drugs to treat the side effects if patients stay on the mood stabilizing drugs. If you want to get off the medication train and try something else, talk to your doctor first about lessening your doses. Then try an acupuncture treatment, as it not only helps your depression, but relieves many of the related ailments. Here is how.

Acupuncture Pins Act As Nerve Blockers

As acupuncture pins are inserted into the designated areas for the treatment of depression, they act as nerve blockers. The signals that are normally sent to the brain along these nerves are interrupted. Once interrupted, the brain stops receiving electrical and chemical signals from these nerves and stops producing the chemicals in the brain that would cause you to feel depressed. Related symptoms of depression, such as fatigue, chronic all-over pain, and loss of appetite, are also relieved.

Acupuncture Needles Activate the Natural Production of Endorphins

The body's natural response to pain is to produce endorphins. Endorphins, in adequate quantities, relieve pain and help you forget it. Higher amounts of endorphins tend to eliminate almost all pain and/or memories of pain.

Unfortunately for people with depression, your nervous system is a little off-kilter and endorphin production requires an extra push with slightly more intense pain. The first acupuncture needle or two feels like you are being pinched by a crab, but it is those first couple of needles that jump-start your body's endorphin production again. While treating your depression the related pain and fatigue from pain are alleviated by the increase in endorphins as a result of the first couple of acupuncture needles.

When You Feel Better, You Want to Eat

Finally, a loss of appetite is eliminated because when you feel better physically and emotionally, you recognize the signals for hunger. You are happier and more inclined to eat because your mood is better and your pain and fatigue are gone. You may even feel more clear-headed, which enables you to eat healthy foods to continue the lifted mood and overall energy levels you have after an acupuncture treatment. That, in turn, gives you a more stable body weight and your body's hormonal/endocrine system begins to balance out too

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19 April 2017

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I was always very healthy throughout my childhood, but when I became a teenager, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Thankfully, I had the support of my loving family to help keep me upbeat during a time that could have led to me experiencing the depression that some do after they first learn they will have an illness for life. I am very grateful for the advice I have gotten throughout my life, so I decided to create a blog where I can share all of the advice that has helped me live a happy, healthy life, despite having a chronic illness. Since I am on a medication that suppresses my immune system, I have also studied up on many other illnesses and tips for avoiding them and treating them. I plan to post health tips for people of a variety of ages and suffering with various illnesses!