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You can begin to feel hoarse from numerous things, such as after yelling with a loud tone for a long time. Your voice can also become hoarse when you cough a lot, which is something that is common for smokers. If you are a smoker and have a hoarse voice, you might want to get examined by a specialist to make sure you are not experiencing one of the symptoms of lung cancer. If you are also experiencing problems with breathing, this is also a symptom of lung cancer. Take a look at this article for more insight in regards to lung cancer.

Why Smoking Might Have Caused Lung Cancer

The bad thing about smoking is that it leads to the cells in the lining of your lungs getting damaged. Although your body is able to repair the cells naturally, they can remain in a bad condition when you are a heavy smoker. The smoke prevents the cells from healing as they should, and they eventually begin to function in an abnormal manner. The reason why smoke is so harmful to the cells in your lungs is because it contains carcinogens in high amounts. The carcinogens are what lead to lung cancer developing.

Complications That Lung Cancer Can Cause

Other than frequent coughing and a hoarse voice, there are several other complications that lung cancer can cause. For instance, you might start experiencing pain in various parts of your body, as the disease is able to spread, such as in the bones. You can also experience pain in your chest that doesn't go away and is difficult to cope with. Lung cancer sometimes causes blood to come up when you are coughing, which could happen on a regular basis. A noticeable change that your body might have is excessive weight loss without a good reason for it.

Getting Rid of a Hoarse Voice from Lung Cancer

Other than possibly undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy for lung cancer, you might also need to undergo the tracheostomy procedure, which is neck surgery. Basically, a tracheostomy is done to make it easier for you to breathe. A specialist will have to make a surgical incision in your neck so he or she can place a tube inside of your trachea. Once the tube is in place, you might not cough as often, which can reduce the amount of hoarseness in your voice. Having a better time breathing can also contribute to reducing the amount of hoarseness that you feel.

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20 March 2017

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