Signs That Your Child May Benefit From Pediatric Occupational Therapy

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Pediatric occupational therapy involves licensed therapists who work with children who have difficulty with sensory processing, motor planning, visual perceptual skills, attention, cognition, and strength. Early intervention and getting your child into occupational therapy as quickly as possible can help him or her improve his or her skills faster. If your child shows the following signs, talk to his or her pediatrician about a referral to a pediatric occupational therapy clinic:

Difficulty Transitioning

Some children can become very set in their ways and have a rigid view of how a day should play out. These children may have a very difficult time transitioning from one activity to the next without becoming stressed and upset. Pediatric occupational therapy can help a child improve his or her ability to handle changes throughout the day without melting down.

Sensory Issues

Children can show a range of sensory processing issues when they are young. A child who experiences sensory issues may react severely to everyday things, like hearing loud noises, having tags on their clothing, getting a hair cut, or having their teeth brushed. If a child has sensory processing disorder, he or she experiences their senses differently than other people, so regular things can feel very overwhelming. Occupational therapy can help a child learn to cope with their sensory issues and give parents resources on how to assist their child.

Problems with Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are an important part of child development, but some kids develop more slowly than others. If your child has difficulty doing things like holding a pencil, using scissors, buttoning clothes, or picking up small objects with his or her fingers, occupational therapy can help. Pediatric occupational therapists have a variety of ways to help young children develop their fine motor skills.

Delays in Motor Milestones

Even very young children can benefit from pediatric occupational therapy. Kids are often referred to occupational therapy if they show signs of delay when it comes to motor milestones, such as sitting unsupported, crawling, or walking. A pediatric occupational therapist can work with very young patients to help develop muscle strength and motor skills so they can reach milestones that they are behind on.

Inability to Be Still

While most kids have a lot of energy, there are some who may lack the ability to sit still and not fidget constantly. During occupational therapy, a therapist can work with a child to develop strategies to relax the body and prevent excessive fidgeting. 

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9 March 2017

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