10 Ways To Cope With Arthritis And Reach A Higher Level Of Healthy, Too

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Whether you're getting on in years or have simply over-used a few of your body parts, living with arthritis can be very painful. But, there are ways to help your body cope that also benefit you in other areas. Try them to ease the pain of your aching bones.

1. Make Sure You're Diagnosed Correctly

Osteoporosis, a condition where your new bone growth can't keep up with old bone loss, is different from other pain-inducing situations and therefore, requires a different approach when seeking relief. Rheumatoid arthritis, for example, is brought on by an autoimmune disease and would call for a unique set of treatment variables. If you simply feel aches and pains, but aren't sure what's causing them, don't automatically assume you're afflicted with a particular disease. See a doctor who can specify what you're dealing with and recommend the best course of action, in example, the Sarasota Arthritis Center.

2. Question Your Vices

If you smoke cigarettes, realize how doing so may affect your bone health, among other concerns. Drinking alcohol, too, could possibly exacerbate conditions like arthritis or make you more vulnerable to slips and falls, which might be devastating for you. Most especially if you're concerned about the issues that impact people as they get older, question whether or not it's worth it for you to continue with the vices you know are working against your body.

3. Consider Losing Weight If Needed

Imagine carrying around a 20 pound weight all day long. Not only would it be exhausting, but it would tax your body in excruciating ways. Well, that's what it's like for your bones and joints, if you're overweight. Losing that 10 or 20 pounds will remove an enormous burden for your body and will help to alleviate your arthritis symptoms.

4. Keep On Exercising

Even if you already have or never needed to lose any weight, exercise is extremely important for your body if you're dealing with arthritis. While it may be difficult to get into the habit of moving around, considering the discomfort you might experience, once you get your body going, it will get easier. Begin with a doctor-recommended regimen involving stretching and a light workout. Yoga, for example, may be the perfect path for you to follow to greater physical conditioning, without being too much of a strain on any part of you. Partake in daily walks, too, where you get a chance to exercise, but also enjoy a few minutes of stress-free outdoor time.

5. Fight Back At Stress

No matter what type of ailment, be it physical or mental, you're dealing with, stress is only going to compound the situation. Stress is proven to accentuate the negatives in life, such as pain, depression and even your immune system. Find ways to eliminate some of the stress in your life, if possible, and work actively to combat what remains, such as with inspirational art therapy, a weekly massage, talking with close friends and learning how to breathe your way through anything.

6. Add Healthy Fatty Acids To Your Diet

Omega-3 may do a lot to relieve joint pain, because it helps to reduce inflammation. This superstar fatty acid can be found in salmon, wild rice, flax seed (which can anonymously be added to many dishes), walnuts, beans and more. Other than the benefits to your health, you really shouldn't feel like you're on a "diet" as you increase your Omega-3 intake; most of the foods containing it are exquisite, but not too exotic and can easily be incorporated into a traditional menu.

7. Ask Your Doctor About Acupuncture

Many people report improvements in their arthritis symptoms after acupuncture, but since individual results may vary and this ancient remedy isn't necessarily for everyone, check with your doctor before trying it. You may find that it works to minimize pain, as it also offers relaxation benefits.

8. Check Your Spice Cabinet

Many of your favorite spices can also contribute to reducing inflammation, like turmeric and cinnamon. Turmeric has curcumin, a valuable resource for fighting infections, aiding your liver and in minimizing the swelling within joints. Ginger and garlic, too, can be some of your best defenses against internal inflammation and they can turn the most drab dishes into spectacular works of art on your dinner table.

9. Use Temperatures To Temper Arthritis Pain

Applying heat to troubled joints immediately results in dilated blood vessels and improved circulation, but when countered by the numbing, constricting force of cold, fast and relatively easy relief should follow. Inquire with your doctor, first, about using the hot/cold method and be sure to never apply heat or ice if you're not sure of what's causing your pain. Don't leave either on for too long and avoid ice for joints that are extremely stiff and skip the heat for areas that already feel like they're burning.

10. Meditate Your Way To Greater Comfort

While it may be necessary at some point for you to turn to prescription medication, should your arthritis pain become so severe, meditation may go a long way for you in the meantime. Visualization, for example, can remove you from the physical pain, perhaps carrying you to a relaxing beach or soothing waterfall. Meditation itself has been used for centuries to help people gain wisdom, insight, enlightenment and also, relief from the pains and constraints of the physical world and body.

Relief from arthritis symptoms don't come from a magic wand or secret potion, rather, they come from taking a good hard look at how you treat your mind and body cooperatively with your lifestyle and immediate environment. Get it all in balance and work closely with your doctor and you should start feeling better soon.


7 March 2017

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