What Causes Acne Scarring And How Do You Prevent It?

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Even if you clear up all your acne, you could still be left with scars. An acne scar is a dark depression in your skin and can negatively affect your self-esteem. This scar develops in the place of a previous blemish and may make your complexion look uneven. While it's possible to reduce the appearance of acne scars, it is best to avoid them in the first place.

What Causes Acne Scars?

An acne scar is the result of an inflamed blemish on your skin. While small pimples and whiteheads are unlikely to cause scarring, inflammatory acne can because it penetrates to the deeper layers of your skin. Some acne sufferers are more likely to experience scarring than others. If you for example, don't seek treatment for your acne right away, you can increase your risk of developing scars. Acne scars can also develop if you have a habit of picking at your blemishes.

How Do You Prevent Acne Scars?

The good news is that it is possible to reduce your risk of acne scars. You just have to avoid certain habits and change some of your lifestyle habits. Here are some helpful tips for avoiding acne scars:

  • Don't Touch Your Face: One of the easiest ways to prevent scarring is to avoid touching your face. It can be tempting to pick at your pimples sometimes, but putting your hands all over your face will just make things worse. You can spread bacteria and irritate your blemishes, increasing the risk of scars.
  • Get a Cortisone Shot: If you develop a large cystic pimple, consider going to the dermatologist's office for a cortisone injection. One of these shots will help reduce the size of the pimple and decrease the risk of scarring.
  • Remember to Put on Sunscreen: Wearing sunscreen will not just reduce your risk of skin cancer; it can also minimize your chances of getting acne scars. When you are out in the sun without any protection, ultraviolet rays can darken your blemishes and cause scars. No matter how cloudy or cool it is outside, do not forget to put on sunscreen before you leave the house.
  • Use Gentle Skin Care Products: If you have acne blemishes, you should use the most gentle and natural skin care products. If you use harsh soaps and cleansers that are filled with unnatural chemicals, you can irritate your skin even more and increase the risk of acne scars.

How Do You Treat Acne Scars?

If you still develop scars from your acne, there is still hope. There are many products and treatments out there that can dramatically reduce the appearance of acne scars and improve your skin. Here are some different ways you can treat acne scars:

  • Use a Fade Cream: Applying a fade cream to your acne scars can help reduce their appearance over time. This cream contains certain lightening properties that can make your scars less noticeable.
  • Consider Laser Skin Resurfacing: If your acne scars are noticeable, it might be beneficial to get laser skin resurfacing at your dermatologist's office. During this treatment, your dermatologist will use a laser to increase the formation of new collagen, which can fill in your scars.
  • Get a Chemical Peel: During a chemical peel, a specialist at a place like Changes Of Cherry Creek/ Denver's Day Spa can apply a chemical solution to your face to peel away damaged skin. Once the top layer of your skin comes off, healthy and even toned skin can emerge.

Fading acne scars can take several months, so it's important to be patient. Before you know it, your scars will fade and you will be left with a beautiful complexion.


29 November 2016

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