3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying A Powerlift Chair


When you have limited mobility, it's no longer easy to get up from your favorite chair, which means it may be time to get a new favorite chair. Powerlift chairs are a great option for people with limited mobility, but check out these three mistakes you need to avoid when choosing yours.

Not Choosing One for Your Body Type

As with any chair, there are different sizes of powerlift chairs, and you need to choose one that fits your body. This starts by choosing one that has the right height. A chair that is the perfect height distributes pressure evenly along your thighs. A chair that is too low makes standing difficult and puts more pressure on the hips. A chair that is too high doesn't allow you to reach the ground, which can put excess pressure on your thighs. The right chair lets you sit with your feet flat on the ground and keeps your knees parallel to your hips.

Seat depth is another aspect to consider. When you sit in a chair with a deep seat, one of two things happen. One: to keep your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent at the edge of the chair, you'll have to lean back to rest against the chair. Two: you sit flush against the back of the chair, but as a result, your feet can't reach the ground, and your knees may not bend properly at the edge of the chair, which can put pressure on the top of the calf. The right chair depth allows you to sit with your back comfortably against the chair with your feet touching the ground and your knees bent properly.

Failing to Consider the Number of Positions Available

Besides helping you from a sitting to standing position, lift chairs also can be reclined into different positions. The most basic lift chairs have a minor recline. You can sit upright or recline the chair slightly for a more comfortable way to watch TV, read, etc. Full recline chairs are a little more advanced. You can sit upright, recline a little to watch TV or sit in a fully reclined position for napping.

Other lift chairs, however, can recline into a completely flat position, which is good for people who often nap or sleep in their lift chair. Some chairs also recline into the Trendelenburg position, which elevates the feet above the head, which is excellent for circulation. Last, zero-gravity chairs position the hips and feet lower than the head and knees, and is another good position for circulation.

Buying One That Is too Big for Your Home

The last mistake you can make when buying a lift chair is getting one that is too big for your home. Just like any recliner, a lift chair can take up a lot of space. If you have a large living room, just about any powerlift chair will work, and you can recline as far back as you want. However, people who live in smaller homes or apartments may not have the necessary space.

Luckily, if you do have a small home, there are still options. Wall huggers are lift chairs that can be placed as close as six inches to the wall, which is one third of the distance that other lift chairs require. These chairs can still fully recline without damaging the wall.

A lift chair is a great purchase for anyone who has limited mobility. It can make relaxing and getting up a breeze, but only if you buy one that is perfect for your needs and your home. If you would like more information about lift chairs, visit a durable medical equipment supplier in your area today or check out websites like http://cornermedical.com/.


20 January 2016

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