3 Benefits Of Wearing Eyeglasses Instead Of Contact Lenses

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When it comes to being fashionable and looking great, contact lenses were embraced over eyeglasses for many years. Eyeglasses are now making a huge comeback, and it is for many more reasons than you may think. While there is nothing wrong with wearing contact lenses, once you hear these three benefits of wearing glasses, you may find yourself reaching for that pair of eyeglasses more often than you used to. 

1. A Recent Study Showed That Signs of Aging Around Eyes Were Accelerated with Contact Lens Wear

There are many reasons the eye area begins to look older with aging, including wrinkles that appear around the eyes and loss of collagen that is inevitable in aging skin. One large factor that also contributes to an older appearance in eyes over time is the degree of upper eyelid ptosis. Upper eyelid ptosis is the clinical term for "sagging" or "drooping" of the skin of the upper eye lid. 

recent study compared the eye areas of several sets of older twins. In each sibling set, one twin wore contacts for most of their lives and the other did not. Additionally, in some of the sets, one twin wore hard contact lenses and one wore soft contacts. There was a large difference in the appearance of the eye area of each twin, and the sibling who wore contact lenses tended to have much more eyelid ptosis and a larger occurrence of other signs of aging around the eyes. Twins who wore hard contact lenses showed even more signs of aging around their eyes than twins who wore soft contacts. 

The American Optometric Association even responded to this study with what they feel likely causes an acceleration of the signs of aging in contact lens wearers. The response says they suspect it is due to the daily tugging on eyelids to place contact lenses in eyes and take them out and possible low-grade irritation of the eyes that comes with contact-lens wear. 

While this study shouldn't scare you away from ever wearing contact lenses again, it does mean that wearing fashionable eyeglasses as often as possible instead of contact lenses could help you preserve the young look of your eye area longer. 

2. Glasses Also Protect the Eye Area from the Sun's Aging UV Rays

It can be difficult to protect the skin on your face and body from the sun's aging UVA and UVB rays, and it can be even more difficult to shield the sensitive skin around your eyes from these rays. Many sunscreens contain ingredients that can sting when applied to the delicate skin around your eyes and run into your eyes if you sweat. Even if you do apply sunscreen to your eye area every day, do you reapply it every two hours? If you don't, then this skin is only protected from the sun for a couple of hours, and the sun can then begin damaging it if you don't reapply. 

Prescription eyeglasses with a UV-blocking coating can protect your eyes from the sun all day long without you having to re-apply sunscreen to your eye area constantly. Although it may sound surprising, clear UV coatings on prescription eyeglasses can protect your eye area from the sun just as well or even better than dark sunglasses. While it is best to still apply a good sunscreen to your eye area even when wearing glasses with UV-blocking lenses, if you simply have to skip reapplication of sunscreen all day long, then the protection of the lenses is far better than no protection. 

3. Designer Eye Wear Simply Looks Great

Eye health and aging of the eye area aside, eye wear today is simply fashionable. There are so many choices in attractive eye wear today that even people who don't need glasses often wear designer eyeglasses with non-prescription lenses. 

The right shape and style of eyeglasses can also help make your round face appear slimmer, your long face appear shorter, or your angular face appear softer. The unique styles and colors of eyeglasses today can also help you show off your unique style and can be considered another fashion accessory, just like your jewelry or handbag. 

While contact lenses still come in handy at times, many fashionable people are embracing eyeglasses today to complement their personal style and keep their eye areas healthy and looking young longer. If you don't like wearing your glasses because it is a pair you have had for years and you don't like how they look on you, then find a great new pair you love to wear to obtain these benefits.  

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20 August 2015

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