If You're An Athlete, Could You Benefit From Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

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Summer is a major season for athletic events of all kinds. It's also the season where you typically hear a lot about sports injuries. Players, coaches, and managers alike all struggle to make sure that their teams have what is needed to recover from injuries as quickly as possible and keep their performance at optimum levels.

Could hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy be the solution to a host of problems? Here's what you should know about their benefits:

1. It Can Reduce the Time Athletes Are Sidelined With Injuries.

Typically, when an athlete gets injured, the operating rule is that they need to ice, elevate the injured body part (when possible), and rest — then rest some more until they heal. That "down time" can cause a player to experience an overall decline in their performance.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which involves the application of 100% oxygen at greater than normal atmospheric pressure for therapeutic purposes, has long been recognized as beneficial for healing in high-performance sports where musculoskeletal injuries are common. When every day counts, anything an athlete can do to reduce their healing time and get back out on the field is a bonus.

2. It Can Improve Mental Focus and Overall Performance

Even when an athlete isn't suffering from an injury, they're constantly looking for a way to either maintain their bodies at peak performance or gain an edge over the competition somehow. To that end, numerous athletes have begun using HBOT to increase the oxygenation of their blood and improve their overall blood circulation.

HBOT has also been shown to improve brain function — even in athletes who have suffered the negative consequences of a traumatic brain injury, such as concussions. In general, the ability of HBOT to increase oxygenation in the brain helps athletes increase their mental clarity and focus, and that leads to better stamina and decisions on the field. All of that can help an athlete push right past their competitors.

Diets, trainers, better shoes, new equipment, and enhanced exercise routines are constantly being used in today's sports world to help athletes optimize their performance levels, so why leave the latest in technological or medical advances out of the program? Fortunately, HBOT has become so integral to sports medicine that you no longer have to fit the time to travel to a clinic for treatment into your hectic training schedule. Thanks to hyperbaric chamber rental services, you can bring the therapy right to your own door or training facility.


21 June 2022

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