4 Common Eye Issues That Children Face

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Children are not immune to eye issues, which is why it is essential to take your child in for regular eye exams at a pediatric eye care center. A range of common eye conditions that your child can face can be detected and treated through a pediatric eye care center.

Lazy Eye

A lazy eye is one of the few eye conditions that, as a parent, you may be able to see. One of the eyes doesn't develop due to a wide range of factors with a lazy eye. This condition is formally known as amblyopia. You may notice that one of your child's eyes doesn't respond like normal. Regular eye screens, though, can detect this condition earlier.

With the proper intervention early enough, a lazy eye can be treated. It can be corrected through various methods, such as glasses, eye drops, patches, and sometimes surgery, depending on the factors that contribute to your child's amblyopia.


Epiphora is known as childhood tearing or excessive tearing. It is most common in young babies and occurs because the tear drainage system becomes blocked. This can be treated with eye drops and very special massage touches of the tear sac. Sometimes though, the issue persists, and surgery may be necessary to solve this issue.

Double Vision

Double vision happens when the eyes don't align right. For your child, it will look like one object is in two different places simultaneously. A wide range of various issues can cause this. If your child talks about seeing two of something and you know only one thing is present, you will want to get their eyes checked. This condition can be treated in a variety of ways, from glasses to Botox injections or surgery.

Refraction Errors

Refraction errors resulting in farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism are the most common eye issues in both adults and children. This happens due to abnormalities on the eye's surface that impact how light is reflected back onto the retina. Refraction errors can affect the quality of your child's vision; luckily, these issues are generally solved with glasses.

The four issues discussed above are just some of the eye issues that your child could face, which is why it is essential to take any eye concerns your child has serious, and why it is essential to take your child in for yearly eye exams at their local pediatric eye care center.


13 September 2021

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